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Helpful Links
Washington State Law RCW RCW69.51.A - Click here
Seattle Police Department Directive. A comprehensive guide to Cannabis Enforcement & Medical Cannabis - Click here
CANNABIS REFORM ACT for the City of Tacoma -  Click here
Everett City Council voted to enact an emergency one-year ban on medical cannabis collective gardens   Click here
For current status of medical cannabis in Washington State and in your city check out Municiple Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) - Click here
Don't have your medical Cannabis card for Washington state?   Click here to find Washington Medical CAnnabis Doctors.
Grow Organic by DJ Short - This article discusses BIO (organic) vs. Hydro, Potency Ratios, and indoor organics.  This is a must read!!!  Click here
Why Most Pot Sucks by Jason King - Jason King is the author of the Cannibible 1, 2, & 3.  King has dedicated his life to writing about and photographingcannabis. This is a must read!!!
Click here