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Patient Reviews of Seattle's Best Cannabis
Bill wrote us and said -

"I picked up a gram each of Special Kush and Blubonic at the West Seattle Cannabis Farmers' Market and I gotta say, you grow great dope :) Compared to some other growers who use fertilizers and stimulants, I noticed the LACK of those tastes from the start. I also noticed how clear-headed I am after medicating as well as when waking up in the morning--not something I typically find with other strains I've sampled, strains grown with chemicals. I hope to find you again at the market so that I can pick up some more...or a new variety...from you! THANK YOU :)"
Kim wrote us and said -

"I was told to email you with what I thought of your product.


Thank you!"
Mary wrote us and said -

"You asked for my feedback, so here you are.I liked the muffin and 1/2 was enough to make me feel a bit sleepy within half an hour.  Another 1/4 muffin after 30 minutes and I was in bed an hour after having had my first bite and went right to sleep.  It was a clean sleepy feeling that is difficult to describe but different from other induced sleep medicines. I woke up fresh the next morning. I'm heavy, and probably have built up a tolerance.  It was also tasty, with a nice chocolate flavor and only a tad bit dry but not overly so. It was refreshing to not have frosting and not be overly sweet.  I'll have to try again with less to see if there is a good waking balance. It did the job nicely for sleep!"
Danny Wrote us and said-       

"Got it at the Farmer’s Mkt - Tried it after a cup of coffee in the next morning- had a wonderful, happy day- POW!

I will be back soon, when word gets out it will be in demand."
 Joe wrote us about the Blubonic -

"Very enjoyable, and for me, definitely more on the cerebral side rather than the physical. Sherrie mentioned "being very focussed and much aware of things in general", but interestingly, it also helped considerably with her arthritis pain. Music enjoyment was certainly enhanced, but for whatever reason, we didn't get the typical raging munchies. (Probably a good thing.) And no tendencies toward paranoia! I would also say rather long lasting, and we were being pretty frugal with it."
Harry wote us about his experience-

SBC asked me to write a review and so I thought what better review can someone read than one's own story, so here it is. My name is Harry and I am a medically retired United States Marine. In February of 1999 I fell 25 feet down a cliff and the tree I was tied to that was the size of a telephone pole came out of the ground and landed on my head. Since then I have suffered from bipolar-schizophrenia, as well I suffer from severe migraines. I was on 27 pills that was cut down to 5 pills a year ago when I got my green card. In that time I have found stuff to help me sleep and keep my migraine in check but nothing for my mental illness. On march 25 my friend took me to my first farmer's market up in Seattle, there he was ahead of me talking to Jason of SBC when I over heard Jason say that the strain, Blubonic, he was showing my friend was used to help patients with bipolar. The moment I heard that I ran over to his table and began to unload questions on to poor Jason. He then gave me a little to test and the the first thing I noticed was the clean taste and how full the bud looked. so I bought $10 worth and smoked one bowl right after I bought it. 10 minutes later I was amazed at how in control of my emotions I was in. The next day I had one more bowl left and again the same thing happened and I also notice that it lasted for over half the day. The Following day my roommate who has seen me in my worst up and down times told me this, "Man what ever that strain was you need more of it, that was the most in control I have ever seen you in." So with that coming from a outside source that knows me, I then became a believer in the Blubonic strain and ordered a ounce of it. So for everyone who is like me I strongly urge you to ask about the strains and what they treat and go to SBC who, what it felt like to me, takes the time to know each strain they have, the care it goes through, and most of all the care and welfare of each of their patients. Thank you SBC for all your hard work and dedication. 

Michael wrote us and said -

"I want to add my testimonial to all the others... I will NEVER go to any other provider for my meds! These are so clean, so fresh and so potent that I can't imagine ever doing anything less! Thank you Scott for your easy delivery over here in the "hinterland" of Kitsap County! It was easy and hassle-free and the White Widow and Bubblegum are the BEST!!! Thank you for all the care you put into growing, flushing, drying and packaging, it is obvious that you care and are making every effort to be the BEST!!! I can really tell the difference without harsh chemical fertilizers and/or pesticides... I can't say enough good stuff, so that is enough! I will continue to use your services and if I can ever do anything for you, please let me know".
Nikki wrote us and said -

"I had the opportunity to visit SBC display at the NW Cannabis Market for the first time recently. I was a little overwhelmed until I came across the SBC booth. Not only was I drawn to the gorgeous marijuana on display, I was also very impressed with the amount of knowledge and integrity put into making a solid, effective product. Jason was not a salesman but a guide to help me obtain the best possible match to treat my ailment(s). I could tell that he was sincere, knowledgable, conciencious, and genuinely wanted to deliver the best quality product. I suggest you take a look, smell it, and if your still not convinced, sample some. Proof is in the pudding. I sampled more than one vendor, I'm going back to SBC for more Grandaddy Purp!"