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Delivery Service
How it works - Call or email us and make an appointment - It's as simple as that.  If you are a first time customer we will bring the menu to you so you can see all the products we carry.  If you are a regular patient of SBC,  just call or email us with your prescription and we will deliver 24 hours or less depending on location, traffic, and time.  All we require is that you have your legal authorization for medical cannabis on tamper proof paper and a valid Washington ID.  We will deliver to any location.  
Seattle's Best Cannabis Services
At Seattles Best Cannabis, we take great care to provide our patients with quality services personalized for their needs. We will be happy to take your order or schedule an appointment Monday - Friday 10AM to 7PM and on Saturdays 11AM to 4PM. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Recycle Service
How it works - Once you become a patient of SBC you will be a part of our recycling program. Your medication is delivered in various sized mason jars depending on the weight of your medication.  We ask that you do not throw them away.  We do not want these in our landfills. We want to reuse these containers!!!