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How can I get Acapulco Gold?
How can I get Acapulco Gold and why is it so popular?  

First lets  speak to its popularity in our culture.  Acapulco Gold made an incredibly official entrance into our collective consciousness in the 1965 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. In a 1968 film recording, John Lennon and Peter Sellers are seen talking about Acapulco Gold during a promo shoot for the Beatles new company, Apple Corps.  It has also earned mention on SNL in 1975, and has been used as the title of Edwin Corley’s novel "Acapulco Gold" - imagining corporate america’s preparation for legal marijuana.  Cheech and Chong mention Acapulco Gold in their 1978 film "Up in Smoke".  It is mentioned in the film several times.  It is also mentioned in their new cartoon "Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie", in a section where a film crew is making a commercial for Acapulco Gold. It contains a jingle with the text: "No stems no seed that you dont need, Acapulco gold is - bad ass weed".

As for the patient and connoissuer alike its popular due the fact its a landrace sativa strain that glistens and sparkles like no other in the sunlight - its ridiculously sticky!!!   It boasts a 23% THC content and we feel its the best used for anti - depression.  Its smoke is smooth and the flavor  & high take you back to yesteryear.  This is a very up and happy strain, a definate mood changer.

How do I get it?

Just give us a call or come into our location on Mon, Thurs, Friday and Saturday.   If you have any questions or want to pre order you can click here to 

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