Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin is a Perfect Option

buying cannabis seeds with bitcoin

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin is a perfect option as both are legal and easy-to-buy cannabis seeds.

Also, Bitcoin is a perfect alternative to cash. Bitcoin is digital money and a reliable online payment system. Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency does not need a reliable central authority and allows you to make more than 500 million dollars transaction securely every day using the Bitcoin network.

Buyers and sellers of cannabis seeds value their privacy more than anything and using Bitcoin is the best option as nobody but you and the seller know your purchase. That is the reason, currently, many people choosing Bitcoin as their payment mode when buying cannabis seeds. All that you need to do is find the genuine Bitcoin exchange that accepts credit or debit card payment. Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin makes the process simple and quick.

Here you can find some best reasons why Bitcoin and Cannabis are ideal for each other:

Bitcoin Payments are Mostly Unidentified:

Payment with Bitcoin is safe as it won’t allow the bank or anyone else to peek into your account and check out your business. Also, bitcoin transactions happen through Bitcoin wallets, and if you do not link your wallet to your payments or real identity, then all your transaction are mostly unidentified. Bitcoin wallets are free and it also allows you to create a fresh wallet with every other transaction.

crytpo and cannabis seeds

The Bitcoin Network is safe and secure:

Bitcoin network is safe and secure, but like any other type of currency, one should be careful to keep their Bitcoin safe. However, the system is strong compared to other banking options so you don’t need to worry about credit card fraud or identity theft when using cryptocurrency If you keep your Bitcoin wallet secure, then you don’t need to worry about anything as it is impossible to hank into your account for anyone to steal your cryptocurrency. The wallets are completely encrypted and most of these wallets need a two-stage verification to transfer funds. For ultimate safeguard, maintain multiple wallets including the hardware-based wallet.

Get Big Discounts by Using Bitcoin Payment Option:

You can get big discounts when you buy marijuana seeds or cannabis seeds using Bitcoin. Some of these new cannabis seeds delivery companies will give around 40percent discount on your purchase when you buy with Bitcoin. The UK companies like Sticky Seeds gives you around 20percent discount when you purchase marijuana or cannabis seeds, also, you can get around nine free marijuana seeds when you place the order on their site.

International Payments are instant and cheap:

When you buy cannabis seeds using Bitcoin, then the network charges only a small transaction fee and you can see the coins in your wallet in just a few seconds. Also, credit card payments are quick, but if the purchase generates fraud alert or if you are not a pre-approved for international transactions. Up to 10% fee will be charged if you use the network and the drawback is you will not know about the fee before your buy.

Making a bank transfer or sending cash for an international order is not easy and also a time consuming and costly affair too. Sometimes, Global bank transfers need an in-person visit to a local branch, and fee can be 40 dollars and it takes from a few hours to many days to get your payment. Also, it is the same with the cash you will not know when you will get unless you are ready to pay for the international mail trackable charges.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is an open-source and decentralized system, and the cryptocurrency system is not controlled by any one country or group. That means no one can dictate you what you can purchase or from whom you can purchase the things that you want. Also, it does not require any permission from your bank to spend your hard-earned money in any foreign country when you buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin.


Buying cannabis seeds using Bitcoin can make Bitcoin more accessible and more people will use Bitcoin if they have quick and easy access. You can buy Bitcoin from reliable sites like Coinbase and Circle, LocalBitcoin, etc, but now the accessibility of new Bitcoin ATM makes it easy to fill up your Bitcoin wallet. Now, make your cannabis seed purchase easy and quick using Bitcoin.