About us

SBC uses only licensed growers from the State of Washington. Absolutely no out of State meds are ever on our menu. We single source our products through a close network of growers who engage in the most stringent of growing practices. They grow only in soil, without animal or chemical fertilizers. During the entire growing cycle, relentless attention is paid to cleanliness and quality.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your medicine is ripe and clean, handled gently, and of superior potency. Our strains are allowed to fully express; judging ripeness by what the microscope says, not the calendar. Indeed, if a plant is not ready, she is not harvested.

During the flowering cycle, the plants become very sticky and are super-magnets for debris: pet hair, insulation and carpet fibers, dirt, mold, powdery mildew; and whatever will stick ends up on the flowers. Our growers are obsessed with cleanliness and producing debris-free medicine. Quality you can see, taste, and feel.

Why are your flowers so fluffy?
Flowers grown in vegan soil express differently, and are noticeably less dense.
Your flowers look alive and are not manicured like others.
Petal Power! Standing trichome concentration is higher on petals than calyxes. Chemically grown hydro nuggets? are tight and calyx-laden.

What’s the best way to store my flowers?
Wide Mouth Mason Jars work best for long term storage. Store jars in a cool, dark place. NEVER store flowers in the freezer! Plastic bags suck: for both trichomes and Mother Earth.

How can it be SOOOOOO fragrant?
Rich organic soil = STRONG complex fragrances.


Why scissors?
Using your fingers harms the trichomes which diminishes potency and flavor. Scissors work best for dispensing the desired dose.

What is Vegan Organic?
Wide Mouth Mason Jars work best for long term storage. Store jars in a cool, dark place. NEVER store flowers in the freezer! Plastic bags suck: for both trichomes and Mother Earth..

The Muffin will mold quickly if not kept refrigerated. Long-term storage The Muffin likes the freezer.

No chemical or animal fertilizers are mixed into the soil. Plants eat decaying plant matter, not chemicals or animal waste. Research for yourself: hydroponic ferts come from oil made at chemical plants. Fertilizer manufacturers are actually petrochemical companies, all of which ends up as heavy metals in your smoke. No matter what hydroponic growers say about flushing, the chemicals stay in the plant tissue. And most commercial growers are so obsessed with dry weight they fert right up until harvest! Dare we even cover smoking flowers grown in chicken or steer manure. Fish ferts are no better; laden with heavy metals and stink like what it is: dead fish! Once you go vegan, you’ll never go back!

F1 hybrid is the heterozygous first filial generation – pollen and ovule. An F1 hybrid population is obtained by crossing two unrelated, true breeding varieties. F1 hybrids are unique in that they are uniform when grown from seeds. One of the major benefits of F1 seed to the grower is a condition known as hybrid vigor, or heterosis. Hybrid vigor occurs when the progeny resultant from crossing the two parental inbred lines exceed the performance of the parental lines in some character, or most often in sets of characters. F1 hybrids are often bigger and more robust and grow faster than either of the parent populations.

Summed up: F1 genetics provide the highest possible quality and potency.